Judy Lee

Pastor Judy Lee

Pastor Judy Lee is the co-pastor of Good Shepherd Ministries. Called to serve early, she continues to follow Jesus whose inclusive love, call of women, and revolutionary poor people’s movement turns the world, including the religious establishment, upside down. She combines her social work background with a healing and liberating ministry with the poor and outcast. Judy has been active in homeless ministries since 1982. She was ordained a Roman Catholic Priest in 2008. Judy was born in Brooklyn, New York. She was a social worker in New York and for 27 years was a professor of Social Work at Colombia University, New York University and the University of Connecticut. At Good Shepherd she is not only the preacher, but she also directs the Sunday school and teaches the teenage group. She is counselor and advocate for those seeking assistance especially those trying to leave homelessness. She is now Professor Emerita from the University of Connecticut and is a prolific writer. Pastor Judy shares her ministry in her most recent book Come by Here: Church with the Poor (Publish America: 2010). Pastor Judy also shares homilies and ministry stories on her blog: judyabl.wordpress.com.

Our History

The mission of Good Shepherd Ministries of Southwest Florida, Inc. is to assist people facing homelessness and to mentor youth and families to eradicate homelessness one person at a time. Our pastors also serve the Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community, a rainbow community of people of all races, ages, cultures, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status.

Our ministry began in 2003 as we provided housing and services for a homeless family in east Fort Myers. In 2007 Good Shepherd joined the outdoor feeding program of Lamb of God Lutheran Episcopal Church held weekly in Lions Park. Responding to the request of participants, Good Shepherd began serving on a second night and in 2008 moved indoors at 2621 Central Avenue. At that time Good Shepherd incorporated with the State of Florida and obtained status as a not for profit charitable [501(c)3] organization with the U.S. Internal Revenue Department.

On Central Avenue Good Shepherd has been offering a variety of social and residential services, meals, food pantry, and worship. From 2008 – 2013 our transitional housing and halfway house, Joshua House, was available for four persons at a time. Since June, 2013 we operate as a “hospitality house”. Thirty-six people lived in and moved out of homelessness from Joshua House.

Good Shepherd Ministries has helped over 100 adults and children move from homelessness and hopelessness to a new life.

Our Board of Directors

Rev. Dr. Judith A. Lee, President
Sally Patterson, Vice-President
Gini Beecroft, Secretary
Rev. Judith Beaumont, Treasurer
Directors and Residents in Fort Myers

Judy Alves, Harry L. P. Gary, Stella Odie-Ali, Doreen Sookdeo, Henry Tessandori, Sally Poston (emerita)

Good Shepherd Ministries has no paid staff nor are the members of the Board of Directors compensated in any material way.

Judy Beaumont

Pastor Judy Beaumont

Pastor Judy B has been active in Good Shepherd Ministries since it began. She helps to coordinate donations and schedules the volunteers who bring the Sunday and Tuesday meals. She organizes donated clothing, household items and food. When someone leaves homelessness she is the one to help find the furnishings for the new home. She is a native of Chicago where she taught various grades and subjects for 24 years. After moving to Connecticut where she participated in the anti-nuclear peace movement, she helped to establish My Sisters’ Place for homeless women and children in Hartford. She retired as executive director in 1998 when she moved to Fort Myers. Pastor Judy B. was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 2012.