Our Ministry

The primary goal of Good Shepherd Ministries is to reduce poverty and end homelessness – one person at a time. To that end, we work with low income and homeless women, men and families of all ages and backgrounds to help them find necessary resources and appropriate affordable housing.

We seek to prevent dependence by preventive work with youth and families helping them to gain access to educational and enriching activities. We encourage our youth and adults to succeed in school, college and vocational training.


We serve the whole person inviting all to attain material, spiritual, physical and mental well-being. Our social services and counseling as well as our fellowship and worship activities offer a caring family and small group community atmosphere where the growth and success of each person is valued.

We promote mutual aid where our participants are encouraged to help one another so all may “move on up” together and reach out to others who are also in need.





On Sundays at 2:00 PM, we offer an inclusive worship service - a joyful Mass in the Roman Catholic tradition. All are welcome and included – no one is left out of full participation. Special attention is paid to the special seasons of the Church year: Advent and Christmas; Lent, Holy Week, Easter and Pentecost. Inclusive language is used and all are invited to offer prayer and to share in the homily. When there is a Baptism, it is included in the Mass.

Worship is followed by fellowship, a hot meal, and often birthday celebrations. Our tables are open to all. Church attendance is not required to share the meal.

Sunday church school and youth group is held about 4:00 PM for our young people.

Since serving our youth is one of our highest priorities, we offer both spiritual and educational enrichment. In addition to our Sunday school, youth group, and meals, we offer activities and trips during summer vacation and throughout the school year. Special need adults and family members are included whenever possible.


First Tuesdays

On the first Tuesday of the month beginning at 2:00 PM, we begin with a short Bible study and prayer service. At 3:00 PM lunch is served to all who come.

Individuals may request counseling and referral for issues such as housing, employment, disability and selective housing applications, mental health, physical illness, substance abuse treatment, personal needs, furniture, security deposit assistance and utility bills as funds are available.

While Pastor Judy Lee is seeing individuals for counseling and referrals, donated goods are made available to all. There is a small food pantry for non-perishable items. Other items that may be available are clothing, socks, shoes, sheets, towels, personal hygiene products, paper goods, small household items, and back packs.

For those needing assistance beyond the First Tuesday, plans are scheduled for Social Security appointments, food stamp applications, medical appointments, eye exams, and move-in days. Volunteer drivers often help with needed transportation.